Book Reviews

I am absolutely delighted to have received so many truly fantastic reviews. Gaining support from fellow adoptive parents as well as professionals involved in bringing families together through adoption, is a wonderful feeling.

Here is a selection of just some of them….

This rhyming storybook guides children through the adoption process, explaining the role social workers and foster carers play. It focuses on the “how” rather than the “why”. (Adoption UK, Adoption Today magazine)

Such a wonderful book!
As the adoptive parents of two beautiful young children, we have found very few books that approach adoption in such a sweet and magical way. One of the greatest parts about The Family Fairies is that it’s written in a way that’s not too specific, so when you read it to your children you can adapt it to fit your own personal circumstances. We celebrate adoption in our family and we tell our magnificent children every day that we feel like the luckiest mummy and daddy in the world, that becoming their parents was our greatest wish come true. It’s so exciting to find a book that reflects how we feel as a family. I hope there’s more to come from Rosemary Lucas, we certainly love this one!
(Amazon customer)

Came home to this beautiful book by @rosemarylucasstorytime. The perfect book for helping adopted children to begin to understand their story. I loved it. (Lisa Faulkner – @lisafaulknercooks Instagram account )

Great help for families who have been through adoption.
Anyone going through the adoption process or has been through it and is trying to think of a way to explain it to your children then this is a must read. Family Fairies, what a lovely way to explain those who helped them make their family complete. It’s in simple language that a child can understand and at the same time sharing the family’s wonderful journey with me. I have to admit it made me cry. Simply brilliant, I loved it.
(Amazon customer)

I must thank wonderful Rosemary Lucas for The Family Fairies, a book which unravels the adoption process in words kids can understand. Rosemary, proud mum of two adopted children, tells a magical rhyming story about a family coming together – referring to social workers and foster carers as Family Fairies. It’s a journey I know well. My daughter was four days old when I adopted her from Karachi orphanage in 2011. Rosemary’s book is heartwarming and brilliantly helpful. From one adoptive mum to another, thank you. (Saira Khan, Sunday Mirror – @iamsairakhan)

We have LOVED reading this with our two! They love it as much as we do! I need to buy a copy for our school! Thank you for writing it! Please write more! (Amazon customer)

We’re proud to share that one of our adopters, Rosemary Lucas, has published her first book “The Family Fairies” which is available on Amazon. (National Adoption Service Twitter account – @nas_cymru)

So, we read the book to our little one on Friday at bedtime. He said “again” after the first time so we ended up reading it 3 times. Today, I caught him sat “reading” in the living room, fingers crossed and looking up to the stars!! It’s fair to say he loves it. Again at bedtime, my husband had to read it 3 times. We are so, so happy. Thanks again. (@rosemarylucasstorytime Instagram follower)

@rlstorytime read this on Friday, lovely rhymes. A useful book to help children understand some of the process bits of their adoption journey. (Ann Bell, Director Adoption UK Cymru – Twitter account @annbell123)

I read this book to my daughter this evening and she loved it! I did too…such a beautiful book!! She’s 23 months, and has been with us for just 3 of those…but I know in the future it’s going to be so helpful in helping her understand how she came to be with us. I’ve bought quite a few story books to help explain her adoption – this is the best by an absolute mile. Thank you. (@rosemarylucasstorytime Instagram follower)

This is the best book I’ve seen that talks about the adoption process. it is bright and heartfelt. Excellent quality. It is not only entertaining but opens up the conversation about adoption and how the process works. (Amazon customer)

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