The Family Fairies

Yippee, good news their luck was in. Two fairies fluttered by with a twirl and a spin…

I’d like to introduce you to two very special characters. Freddie and Peggy –The Family Fairies. Alongside the mummy and daddy, they are the most prominent characters in the book. They represent the social workers and foster carers that helped us on our adoption journey. Our quest to become parents. You may wonder where these names came from. Well, this is very personal to me. They are my grandparents names. This is my way of keeping their memory alive. Sadly, they passed away before they saw me become a mum and the joy it has given me. As they played such a significant role in me becoming me, I wanted to recognise them in this special way.

Surprisingly, the concept of The Family Fairies actually came very naturally to me. You see, I’m not a literary expert. I didn’t study creative writing. In fact, I didn’t attend university at all…or shall we just say I learnt all I needed to know from the university of life! I guess, in essence, I’m just a mum. An adoptive mum. A mum who wanted to do all she could to help her adopted children to understand how we became a family.

When my daughter was very young, I started to make up rhymes about the journey we’d taken and we’d sing and dance around reciting them together. She was totally engaged in the idea and loved the fact that we enlisted the help of some very special fairies to help make our dreams come true. If we’re all honest, what young child doesn’t love a fairy ehh?! Her acceptance of the idea, led me to gain the confidence to put pen to paper. My main aim has always been to support other adoptive families. To help them to introduce their own journeys. The result being – The Family Fairies. My labour of love. I’m following my own dreams, and it feels great!

Now that my daughter is older, she fully understands that the Family Fairies are real life social workers and foster carers. The ones that appear in her actual life story book. The transition to this was very smooth. Using the foundation of my book, coupled with expanded explanations as and when the time was right. That was always my aim – that The Family Fairies should be a foundation. I want the reigns to be in the hands of the reader. To have control over when they introduce certain phrases and scenarios. To build on their own journeys at an age appropriate time.

I’m a little reluctant to specify an age the storybook is aimed at. It totally depends on the individual. What age they were when they were adopted. What memories they have of their life before they came to their forever home. Their developmental stage. Their attachment and behavioural stages. As their parents, you will know if it’s right for them. To give you a little idea, the positive feedback I’ve had relates to ages ranging from as young as two, up to age eight or nine.

I’m delighted at how well my book has been received – you can read some of the fabulous comments in the Reviews . To receive messages from people that have found it beneficial for their own little ones, is a wonderful feeling. To see pictures of how engaged they’ve been in their own adoption stories, is truly heart warming.

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My aim is to make The Family Fairies a series. To keep the theme to help explain other aspects of adoption. I’ll use this page to keep you up to date on my progress…you’ll be the first to know when book #2 is underway!